Wisconsin Railroad Museum Under Fire for Satanic, Pro-Transgender Trees in Christmas Display – Calvin Freiburger 11/30/23

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

The National Railroad Museum hosts an annual Festival of Trees to display a range of uniquely decorated Christmas trees, but this year’s exhibit has drawn controversy over the inclusion of Satanic and “transgender” trees contributed by Wisconsin activist groups.

CatholicVote reports on the backlash the museum has received by including in its display a tree from the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin featuring “Hail Satan” and LGBT ornaments and topped with an upside-down star, as well as a “transgender”-themed tree by the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity featuring transgender flags and ornaments with quotes and slogans such as “Protect Trans Kids.”

“Bringing a tree inside, a tradition that began as a pagan ritual, has evolved into a cherished holiday practice that unites us with our families and communities in a spirit of togetherness and pluralism,” the Satanic group said. “We hope the media attention and articles focusing on our tree will inspire the public to seek knowledge and act with benevolence, and compassion. Our tree stands as a symbol of these virtues, as well as a testament to the freedom of religion and expression.”

“We believe that everybody should be included regardless of their religious group, regardless of any business or organization that they’re a part of,” said Museum CEO Jacqueline Frank, defending the decision to host the trees despite negative reception from event goers. “So we don’t discriminate, since we’re not a religious group ourselves.” She added that the trees are two of 66 on display this year, the most ever for the event….

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