Dr Robert W. Malone: On Propaganda Stunts and Why No One Seems to Care about Non-Covid Excess Deaths – Hannes Sarv 11/21/23

Source: freedomresearch.substack.com

When the Swedish Karolinska Institutet awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in early October this year, Dr. Robert Malone took his time before making any comments. He wanted to understand exactly what the University of Pennsylvania researchers, Hungarian-American biochemist Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, a professor of medicine, had been awarded the prize for. According to an explanation from the Karolinska Institutet, it was given for discoveries concerning nucleoside base modifications that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against Covid-19. Karikó and Weissman published the work on which the prize was based in 2005.

Malone, a biochemist and medical doctor, who by the time of our recent interview was able to calmly delve into the rationale for the prize, says that Karikó’s and Weissman’s recognition by the Nobel committee can be seen as surprising on the one hand, but expectable on the other.

Malone’s opinion on the matter is quite weighty. Although he has nothing directly to do with Covid vaccines, he is an inventor of the mRNA platform on which the vaccine technology is based. This is regardless of the fact that his role and contributions have generally been downplayed in recent years on the grounds that he has been critical throughout the pandemic of both the government’s harmful policies that were said to be necessary to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines based on the same mRNA platform. His criticism on those issues has also seen him suffer censorship – in late 2021, for example, his Twitter account was shut down. The account was reopened at the end of 2022 after Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter.

However, no one – not even the hard-working ‘fact-checkers’ – cannot really deny Malone’s role in the invention of the mRNA platform. In late 2021, Malone appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast – a popular talk show that reaches millions of people all around the world – and argumentatively criticised government behaviour and Covid vaccines at length. A fact-checking portal Politifact, for one, then published an article about him and his claims as a follow-up. Amongst other things, the article stated that Malone had indeed contributed to mRNA vaccine technology in research papers published in 1989 and 1990, on the delivery of mRNA into cells using lipid nanoparticles, but that he was only one of many authors.

The claims of the fact-checkers are not wrong per se, but it is important to note what is not mentioned in the article. These were experiments designed and carried out by Malone, and it was he who patented the discoveries.

Of course, it is also true that it was a long way from the original invention to the production of Covid vaccines, and that other scientists contributed to the development of the technology. However, Malone points out that, looking at the justification for the award of the prize, it was not appropriate to award it to Karikó and Weissman. The Nobel Committee also considered Karikó and Weissmann in 2021, according to Malone, but concluded that their contributions were not as great. While the committee now says that Karikó and Weissman’s work enabled the development of Covid vaccines, Malone says that is not true. He points out that Curevac, for example, was able to get on with its Covid vaccine without their input. Speaking of the scientists who actually made it possible to create such vaccines, Malone mentions Pieter Cullis and his colleagues at the University of British Columbia in Canada. The scientists who worked on the technology for decades also used lipid nanoparticles to deliver mRNA into body cells and developed the technology considerably. Perhaps when it comes to enabling the vaccines, Cullis’ work is rather more important, according to Malone.

What strikes Malone even more in the explanation for the prize, however, is that Covid vaccines are called effective.

“I frankly didn’t expect anyone to receive a Nobel Prize for anything relating to these vaccines given the lack of safety and efficacy that has been demonstrated,” he says.

In fact, Malone notes, the award notice said nothing about safety. However, it was asked at the award press conference.

“The committee gave an answer that was also false. They asserted that the products are safe and that the only major adverse event is myocarditis and that it is almost exclusively in young men and it resolves quickly. That is all a false statement,” Malone says.

In fact, these vaccines can cause a variety of serious health problems, and myocarditis is not some mild malady that is transient and limited to young men. As a scientist who has spent a lot of time working on mRNA and DNA platforms, Malone can explain in detail the causes of various vaccine complications and why they occur. The range of potential health risks is vast, he says. In addition to cardiovascular problems, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks, these vaccines can also cause autoimmune diseases and cancer, he says. Some of the problems, including sudden illness and death, can manifest themselves immediately, while others may take a long time to become imminent….

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