US Secretly Boosts Arms Deliveries to Israel: Report – The Cradle 11/15/23


Washington is discreetly stepping up its military aid to Israel, Bloomberg reported on 15 November, citing a US Defense Department document.

A document titled “Israel Senior Leader” requests, dating to late October, reportedly lists the arms which Israel is seeking for its ongoing war with the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

The list includes “more laser-guided missiles for its Apache gunship fleet, as well as 155mm shells, night-vision devices, bunker-buster munitions, and new army vehicles […] extending beyond the well-publicized provision of Iron Dome interceptors and Boeing Co. smart bombs.”

According to Bloomberg, the available US arsenal is already being shipped, while the Defense Department is working to make others available from stockpiles in the US and Europe.

By late October, 36,000 rounds of 30mm cannon ammunition, 1,800 M141 bunker-buster munitions, and a minimum of 3,500 night-division devices were delivered to Israel, the document cited by Bloomberg shows. …

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