‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 39: Health Official Says Israel ‘Sentencing Al-Shifa Hospital to Death’ as Doctors Dig Mass Grave – Mustafa Abu Sneineh 11/14/23

Source; Mondoweiss.net

Al-Shifa Hospital medical staff forced to dig a mass grave to bury 170 bodies as the hospital can’t refrigerate bodies without electricity. Israeli minister Bezalel Smotrich says “voluntary migration” is the only solution for Palestinians in Gaza Strip.


  • 11,180 killed*, including 4,609 children, and 27,490 wounded in Gaza
  • 195 Palestinians killed* in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem
  • Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,200

*This figure covers the casualties from October 7 to November 12.

Key Developments

  • Gaza’s hospitals are lacking sufficient food and water, thousands of displaced people are reported to have sought shelter in them.
  • Gaza health official: “[Israel] is sentencing everyone inside Al-Shifa hospital to death.”
  • Al-Shifa Hospital medical staff and volunteers dug a mass grave to bury 170 bodies that started to decompose as mortuary refrigeration lost electricity.
  • Al-Amal Hospital’s sole power generator stopped working in Khan Yunis, south of Gaza Strip, putting the lives of hundreds of patients and injured at risk of death.
  • 3,250 people reportedly still missing or under the rubble, including 1,700 children, according to Gaza Ministry of Health.
  • Israeli forces storm hospital in the West Bank and fired tear gas at another. Eight Palestinians killed in the past 24 hours in Tulkarm and Hebron.
  • Abdulrahman Ahmed Muhammad Marei, 33, is the fifth prisoner to die inside Israeli jails since October 7.

Mass grave dug in Al-Shifa Hospital as Israel lays siege

All of the Palestinian hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip have gone out of service in the sixth week of Israel’s war on Gaza, including Al-Shifa, the largest medical complex.

Hundreds of lives are at risk of death, and thousands of civilians remain trapped inside the hospitals’ premises, Gaza’s Deputy Health Minister Yousef Abu el-Rish told AFP….

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