Maine’s Radical New Law Allowing Abortion up to Birth Takes Effect – Ashley Sadler 11/2/23


A radical new law in Maine that will permit abortions up to the moment of birth at the discretion of abortionists took effect last week.

Maine’s LD 1619, which was signed by Democratic Gov. Janet Mills in July, officially took effect Wednesday, October 25. 

State law previously specified that abortions after a baby was deemed viable, usually about 20 weeks’ gestation, could only be performed if a woman’s “life or health” were at risk. That language, as well as criminal penalties for any non-licensed person who performs or helps to perform an elective abortion, have been stripped out.

Preborn babies in Maine are now left with virtually no protections under the new law, which authorizes abortionists to kill unborn babies at any stage of pregnancy as long as they determine the procedure “necessary in [their] professional judgment.” Pro-lifers point out that the deliberate killing of a preborn baby is never medically necessary.

Ahead of signing the radical legislation, Gov. Mills argued that specific abortion restrictions cannot be implemented at the legislative level.

“Maine law should recognize that every pregnancy, like every woman, is different, and that politicians cannot and should not try to legislate the wide variety of difficult circumstances pregnant women face,” Mills said.

The Pine Tree State’s new law makes it one of only a few states that provide almost no protections for the unborn….

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