What is Adulteration of Pseudo-mRNA Vaccines, and Why Should You Care? – Robert W. Malone MD 10/23/23

Source: rwmalonemd.substack.com

Lately there has been a lot of discussion among insiders and those closely following the COVID “mRNA vaccine” story concerning contamination of the mRNA vaccines with DNA fragments which include DNA sequences derived from Simian Virus 40 (SV40).

Is this just another inside-baseball tempest in a teapot, akin to the various “social media expert/theorist”-promoted fringe conspiracy, fearporn-amplified controversies concerning graphene oxide , living hydras or snake venom in the vaccines, or that the lipid-pseudoRNA nanoparticles are actually 24th century Star-Trek science fiction nanobots which will reprogram all of our brains?

Is this DNA contamination/adulteration issue the real thing, one that should actually concern you- and the courts?

Drs. David Speicher, Kevin McKernan and colleagues are actually real life, bona fide serious scientific and technical experts in real-world application of sequence and molecular biologic analysis methodology. It is what they do, day in and day out, for a living. Which happens to be the specific technical area which they are reporting on.

These are not fringe “fever swamp” conspiracy theorists (Steve Bannon’s term).

Dr. David J. Speicher, University of Guelph Department of Pathobiology, 50 Stone Rd E, Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1, speicher@uoguelph.ca , ORCID 0000-0002-1745-3263

What Speicher et al are observing and reporting in this scientific manuscript linked below clearly demonstrates a profound failure of FDA and global regulatory authorities to do their most important job- to insure the purity and lack of adulteration of the pharmaceuticals which they authorize for marketing and use by physicians and allied health professionals.

At a minimum, it once again demonstrates the rampant willful blindness which seems to have pervaded the FDA/CBER vaccines branch under the “true believer” guidance of Dr. Peter Marks, who is neither a vaccine expert, nor an immunologist, nor a molecular biologist, nor someone who has any understanding of non-viral lipid nanoparticle-based polynucleotide delivery but rather is a clinical hematologist/oncologist that is the initial originator and continued proponent of the “operation warp speed” approach to vaccine (and now cancer drug) development. Which is to say bypassing almost all of the normal procedures and lessons learned from decades of development, manufacturing, approval for marketing and post-marketing surveillance of biological and drug products.

At worse, with this new information there is the appearance of a “smoking gun” demonstrating corrupt collusion between the US and other western administrative states’ pharmaceutical regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.

Based on my personal assessment of these data, this contamination appears to meet the formal criteria for pharmaceutical “adulteration”, which is strictly prohibited by US federal law. The prevention of drug, device and food “adulteration” is one of the central missions of the FDA – basically, a central reason that the FDA was created in the first place.

One key question which remains unresolved is how did this even happen?

Was this adulteration known by FDA, EMA, Paul Ehrlich Institute, Health Canada etc. and hidden from the public? If not known, how did this adulteration escape detection by virtually all western nation-authorized government regulatory experts?…

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