‘Sanctuary’ State Massachusetts can no Longer Guarantee Housing for Illegal Immigrants – Anna Giaritelli 10/16/23

Source: WashingtonExaminer.com

Democrat-run “sanctuary” state Massachusetts will soon close its doors to immigrants who illegally crossed the border and were released into the United States only to travel to the New England state in need of housing, work, and food.

Gov. Maura Healey (D-MA) issued a blunt warning to families across the state in need of shelter Monday morning that it would put its foot down in terms of assisting people find overnight housing despite its shelter requirement law.

“Today, we can share that our shelter system is on the verge of reaching capacity,” Healey said. “Especially with winter approaching, we need everyone to understand that we are entering a new phase of this challenge. We can no longer guarantee shelter placement for families.”

Massachusetts is weeks away from surpassing its 7,500-family housing capacity. At present, the state has 6,945 families, or 23,000 people, in its family shelter system. Families are being held in hotels, motels, college dormitories, and other impromptu shelters.

A 1983 state law requires the state to provide shelter for all eligible families, but Healey said the state will roll out a wait list once it hits 7,500 families. The move will put the Massachusetts government in violation of its own law.

Roughly half of the families are Massachusetts residents and the other half arrived from the southern border….

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