Whoopi Goldberg Meets with Pope Francis, Champions his Acceptance of Homosexuality – LifeSite News 10/12/23

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

Pro-abortion American actress and activist Whoopi Goldberg met with Pope Francis Thursday, the former taking the time to thank the latter for his “message” surrounding so-called climate change, and his stance on homosexual acts and Communion for the divorced and “remarried.”

In an interview published Thursday by Vatican News, Goldberg talked about her meeting with Francis earlier today, saying she has “waited for years” to “thank Pope Francis for his message,” particularly on the topic of homosexuality. Goldberg told Vatican News that she understood Francis’ message to be: “Gay people, you may not agree, we all know God doesn’t make mistakes so something has to be there.”

Goldberg, who has repeatedly championed abortion on her popular talkshow The View, explained that much of her support for Francis comes from his attitude towards homosexuality and to the divorced and remarried.

“He says we have to love everybody,” Goldberg said of Francis, adding that Francis’ position is that a persons’ sexual behavior is “quite frankly,” “none of your business.”…

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