Pharmacies are Turning into Vaccination Clinics… – Robert W. Malone MD 10/11/23


mRNA-1083 showed strong immunogenicity against influenza and COVID-19, with an acceptable reactogenicity and safety profile, compared to licensed standalone vaccines

Company to begin Phase 3 trial of mRNA-1083 in adults 50 years and above (October 4, 2023. Press Release from Moderna).

Of course, Moderna isn’t showing anyone that reactogenicity and safety profile data for this new combo mRNA COVID-19 and Influenza jab that they are working handin glove with the FDA to rush through the clinical trials… All we can do is hope that some investor decides to leak an internal slide deck summarizing the data as happened previously.

What we do know is that directly after this Moderna press release, the co-founder of Moderna sold off 15,000 of his shares (worth $100 each). It will be interesting if he continues his sell-off…

CVS and Walgreens pharmacy employees are walking out (pharmacists and others). One of the main reasons is that an “increased focus on vaccinations from management has added to their workload and made it more difficult to focus on filling prescriptions and customer care.”

“Walgreens and CVS have turned into a vaccination clinic first and a pharmacy second,” said Jerominski. “Because immunizations are so profitable, filling prescriptions is almost an afterthought.”

One Walgreens technician told CNN that they now spend their entire day in the “shot room” jabbing arms.

“That’s the one thing that’s driving us absolutely bonkers,” they said, “the fact that management cares way more about us giving vaccines than anything else.”

The technician is the only immunizer on staff and earns less than $20 per hour. –Yahoo Finance.

The question is – is this more propaganda? Or is it that those 20% who are completely in the narrative are rushing to get jabbed first?…

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