US Aggression on Palestinians will Spark Regional War: Yemen – The Cradle 10/10/23


Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance on 9 October warned the US against getting directly involved in the war between Israel and Gaza, saying that such a move would spark a “regional war.”

“We warn the US that its direct intervention in the aggression against the Palestinian people will turn this into a regional war,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, said via social media.

“We in Yemen are with the Palestinian people in every way we can, and we will not abandon the oppressed Palestinian people and their resistance, which defends them and has the right to do so,” Newsweek quoted Nasreddin Amer, deputy information secretary of Ansarallah, on Monday.

“The possibility of our direct participation in support of the resistance depends on developments there, and we are closely monitoring the situation there and are in constant contact with the resistance,” he added….

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