‘Israel Ignored Our Warnings:’ Egypt – The Cradle 10/9/23

Source: New.TheCradle.co

Egyptian authorities trying to mediate the war between Israel and Palestinian factions say that their words of caution to Tel Aviv fell on deaf ears.

“We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big. But they underestimated such warnings,” an Egyptian intelligence official told AP.

Furthermore, the official claimed Tel Aviv was “too focused” on the occupied West Bank and played down the looming threat from Gaza.

Cairo has continued efforts to mediate the crisis between Palestinian factions and Israel since the beginning of the historic resistance operation on 7 October, keeping close contact with each to prevent the situation from spilling into neighboring territories.

Two Egyptian security sources have said that Cairo has taken it upon itself to protect the Israeli prisoners of war (PoW) whom the Palestinian factions have captured.

Along with Egypt’s attempts at mediation, Qatar is reportedly trying to negotiate a prisoner swap between Hamas and Israel.  …

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