Turkish Bombs Rain Down in Northeast Syria for a Second Straight Day – The Cradle 10/5/23

Source: New.TheCradle.co

The Turkish air force launched a multitude of attacks on 5 October against various targets in Syria’s Hasakah governorate held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Hawar News Agency reports that among the targets was an oil site in Qamishli and the Jal Agha Dam. Furthermore, several deaths and injuries were reported following a Turkish drone attack on the town of Tel Habash.

“These threats against our regions have a revenge aspect after the failure of Turkiye’s project in Syria,” officials from the SDF-aligned Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) said in a statement. ” Targeting infrastructure facilities is aggressive behavior amounts to war crimes.”

Several other civilian and military SDF facilities were targeted during the operation. According to local sources, some of the strikes hit the vicinity of US occupation bases in the oil-rich region.

“Our only goal is to eliminate the terrorist organizations that pose a threat to Turkey. A ground operation is one of the options to eliminate this threat, but it is not the only option for us,” a Turkish official told reporters following the latest round of airstrikes. His comments came as the Turkish army deployed ground reinforcements to areas under its control in the northwest of Syria.

At least 100 Syrians were killed in a drone attack on a ceremony at a military college this Thursday, resulting in a declared three days of national mourning. This attack represents one of the largest attacks on the country’s military installations – in terms of casualties – in history. On the same day, perhaps coincidentally, the Pentagon affirmed that their own fighter jet had for the first time downed a drone belonging to NATO ally Turkey….

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