Smartmatic Voting Machine Company Implicated In $4 Million ‘Slush Fund’ Bribery Scheme Using ‘Fake Contracts’ – ZeroHedge 9/25/23


Voting machine company Smartmatic, which is suing Fox News and former President Donald Trump’s top allies over their claims that the company’s machines facilitated cheating in the 2020 US election, has been accused as uncharged co-conspirators in a bribery scheme in the Philippines.

According to court documents revealed by CNN, the Department of Justice has filed money laundering charges against former Filipino election administrator, Andres Bautista, who has been accused – along with unnamed Smartmatic executives – of illegal financial transactions.

The accusations levied against Smartmatic suggest attempts to funnel $4 million to Bautista, adding fuel to the allegations surrounding the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, and the lawsuits filed by Smartmatic against Fox News and former President Trump’s allies.

The new allegations further complicate Smartmatic’s defamation suits against various pro-Trump figures and media organizations, who have sought to underscore Smartmatic’s ties to Venezuela and its involvement in foreign elections as defense in their ongoing legal battles….

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