The Grayzone’s YouTube Live Stream Was Demonetized For Featuring a Clip of Russell Brand – Christina Maas 9/24/23


Comedian and civil liberties commentator Russell Brand finds himself at the center of a tumultuous controversy following sexual assault allegations, leading to extensive repercussions across various media platforms. Though Brand has not been convicted, or even formally charged, the allegations made in The Times and Channel 4, have triggered swift responses from major platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer, all of which have either demonetized or removed Brand’s content.

However, the fallout does not stop with Brand. The Grayzone, an independent news outlet that has been covering the unfolding situation around Brand, has also experienced consequences.

The outlet reported being subjected to a livestream demonetization on YouTube following the upload of content discussing the allegations against Russell Brand, and showing a clip of his response. “YouTube demonetized our entire livestream today at @TheGrayzoneNews simply because we played this clip during a discussion about the Russell Brand affair,” Max Blumenthal of Grayzone disclosed via X….

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