Threads Is Already Blacklisting Covid Terms From Search, As Part of New Censorship Campaign – Cindy Harper 9/12/23


Meta is once again up to its old tricks. The new social networking app Threads, which was marketed as an alternative to the platform formerly known as Twitter, is now limiting access to information and prohibiting searches related to key terms such as “coronavirus” and “vaccines,” as revealed by the Washington Post.

Despite only being a couple of months old, the platform has already been observed to deliberately muzzle certain search terms in its novel search functionality.

Meta has previously implemented search blackouts around Covid-related terms due to combating what it says is “misinformation.”

Offering an explanation for the obstruction, Meta conceded to the Washington Post, “The search functionality temporarily doesn’t provide results for keywords that may show potentially sensitive content.”

They assured that they would reinstate search results for these terms when they believed the content quality was up to their standards. However, they declined to disclose a complete list of obstructed search terms, leaving users guessing….

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