Israeli Strike on Tartous Kills Two Syrian Soldiers – The Cradle 9/14/23


An Israeli air attack on the Syrian coastal city Tartous killed two Syrian soldiers and injured six more on 14 September, a Syrian military source told state media SANA.

“[A]t 17:22 this afternoon, the Israeli enemy carried out an aggression with bursts of missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, targeting some air defense sites in Tartous Governorate,” the source stated.

Syrian air defenses intercepted several Israeli missiles over Tartous coming from international water, while some hit a military point between the Deir al-Hajar villages and Al-Jammasa in Tartous countryside, Syrian journalist Ibrahim Mohammad reported.

The attack comes two weeks after the Israeli air force targeted Aleppo International Airport, putting it out of service. In the same month, a Syrian military source reported that a soldier was injured in an Israeli strike targeting the vicinity.

Israel has bombed Syria hundreds of times in recent years and continues to do so in anticipation of a larger future conflict. The Israeli military refers to the ongoing strikes such as in Tartous and Aleppo as the “war between the wars.”…

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