Mercedes-Benz Stadium Introduces Facial Recognition Security Robot – Ken Macon 9/6/23


In an overt display of the growing infatuation with dystopian technology and security, Atlanta’s own Mercedes Benz Stadium has introduced a unique new player, not on the pitch, but circling the sidelines—the DroneDog, a robot security dog, fully outfitted with cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

A creation birthed from the collaboration of Boston Dynamics and Asylon Robotics, “Benzie” emerges as a first-of-its-kind entrant in the sports world.

Much like a trusted guard dog, the DroneDog, a four-legged robot, is set to autonomously patrol a sprawling 11-acre area of the stadium. Benzie’s bark, so to speak, comes in the form of high-definition 1080p real-time video feed, boasting both color and night vision properties, hence offering an around-the-clock, vigilant eye over the entire sports venue setting. All this, while managing to complete its duty in convenient 30-minute shifts.

The technological prowess of this DroneDog is not limited to facial recognition. As Boston Dynamics and Asylon have designed it, the robot is capable of reading and identifying license plates, as well as sniffing out threats such as explosives and narcotics present in the vicinity….

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