Report Details Billions of Dollars Warren Buffett has Funneled to Abortion Groups Around the World – Calvin Freiburger 8/31/23


With newly-enforceable pro-life laws cutting into the abortion industry’s bottom line over the past year, the abortion-on-demand movement persists in large part due to the support of wealthy far-left financiers, one of the biggest of which is investor Warren Buffett.

Buffett, the 93-year-old CEO of multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway and the fifth richest man in the world at a net worth of $106 billion, is known in the mainstream as a philanthropist. This week, however, an extensive report by Restoration News’s Hayden Ludwig (Part 1, Part 2) details how Buffett has poured “billions” of dollars into the cause of “choice” as part of a broader depopulation agenda.

Buffett has given at least $5.3 billion to abortion “providers” and domestic pro-abortion activist groups since 2000, according to the report, “enough to pay for nearly 10 million abortions at $550 a pop.”

Since 2002, he has also given $41 billion to four foundations that promote pro-abortion policies abroad. Three are operated by Buffett’s relatives; the fourth is the notorious, far-left Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The report notes that several liberal media outlets over the years have favorably described Buffett as a “leading provider of abortion access for poor women in the U.S.” (Vox in 2019), and even having “helped finance the research and development of the [mifepristone] pills that induce abortion” in the 1990s (New York Times, 2010).

“He thinks that unless women can control their fertility – and that it’s basically their right to control their fertility – that you are sort of wasting more than half of the brainpower in the United States. Well, not just the United States. Worldwide,” a former Buffett Foundation program director told Bloomberg in an interview published in 2015.

Population control “was what my father has always believed was the biggest and most important issue,” Buffett’s daughter Susie said in 1997….

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