Biggest Drone Attack On Russia Since War Began Destroys At Least 4 Military Planes – ZeroHedge 8/30/23


Another huge drone attack on Russian territory has taken place in overnight and early hours of Wednesday morning, this time against an airport in the north-western Russian city of Pskov, which hosts military planes. It came amid broader drone attacks on six Russian regions.

Crucially, Pskov is a mere 20 miles from NATO member Estonia’s border, which sparked internet rumors that Estonia could have been involved, also given the city of Pskov is over 400 miles from Ukraine itself. International outlets are citing Russia’s TASS to report that at least four military transport planes were damaged in the attack.

Four Il-76 transport planes were damaged as drones pummeled the airport. “As a result of the drone attack, four Il-76 aircraft were damaged. A fire broke out, and two planes burst into flames,” TASS reported.

Given the apparent direct hit on no less than four large military planes, this marks one of the biggest and successful cross-border attacks from Ukraine since the war began. Crimea has also in the last days come under waves of drone attacks, and overnight Bryansk Oblast was also targeted, as well as the capital of Moscow and other locations….

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