States Unite to Protect Minors From Brain-Altering Pornography – Jackson Elliott 8/22/23


Graphic, violent, deviant, and harmful online pornography that can permanently affect brain development can be easily accessed by children.

And the federal government is doing little to stop it, experts and lawmakers told The Epoch Times.

Although showing pornography to children is illegal under federal law, federal rules don’t require porn websites to verify the age of users.

But recently, bipartisan efforts in state legislatures have intervened to protect children in a handful of states.

It’s important—and urgent—because watching violent porn damages children, therapist Jon Uhler and psychologist Amy Sousa told The Epoch Times.

“Being shown violence alongside a reward system is incredibly problematic because it is sending the body a signal that this violence is pleasurable,” Ms. Sousa said.

By teaching children to associate sexual pleasure with pain, she said, pornography can rewire a viewer’s brain to want pain or want to inflict pain.

This rewiring undoes the body’s natural response of feeling distressed when seeing someone get hurt, she explained.

And porn-watching is more common than many might realize….

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