Mexican Former Congressman Convicted by High Court for ‘Misgendering’ Far-Left Politician – Andreas Wailzer 8/21/23


Former Mexican congressman and leader of a pro-family organization Rodrigo Iván Cortés has been convicted of “gender-based political violence” for correctly referring to a gender-confused congressman as a man.

Mexico’s highest court for electoral issues upheld the guilty verdict of a lower court, convicting Cortés of “(i) gender-based political violence, (ii) digital violence, (iii) symbolic violence, (iv) psychological violence, and (v) sexual violence” for statements made in several social media posts.

Cortés had referred to gender-confused Congressman “Salma” Luévano as a “man who self-ascribes as a woman” in his posts on Twitter and Facebook. 

The Mexican court imposed a fine of 19,244 Mexican pesos (USD 1,129) on Cortés and ordered him to publish an apology along with the court ruling on Facebook and Twitter every day for 30 days. The pro-family and pro-life leader was also mandated to take a “gender-based political violence” course and register on “the National Registry of Persons Sanctioned in Political Matters against Women,” despite the person he offended being a biological man. 

Cortés, who is the head of the pro-family advocacy group Frente Nacional por la Familia (FNF), reacted to his conviction by saying that “This judgment is gravely disappointing—the suppression of speech and expression points to the demolition of democracy in Mexico.” 

“I am committed to seeking justice and securing mine and every Mexican citizen’s right to freedom of speech,” he continued. “No laws should be used to silence or punish individuals for sharing their convictions, especially on issues of great importance. Peacefully expressing the truth of biological reality can never be a crime.”

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