Danielle Smith Says 500 of 650 Alberta Wildfires were Started by Humans, not ‘Climate Change’ – Clare Marie Merkowsky 8/16/23

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith recently asserted that the overwhelming majority of wildfires in the province were started by humans and not “climate change.”

During an August 14 interview with CTV News, when asked if climate change is the cause of the unusually rampant wildfire season in Alberta this year, Smith pointed out that 500 of the 650 wildfires occurring in the province are of human origin.

“All I know is in my province we have 650 fires and 500 of them were human caused,” she said, “so we have to make sure that when people know that when it’s dry out there and we get into forest fire season, that they’re being a lot more careful because anytime you end up with an ignition that happens, it can have devastating consequences.” 

CTV News interviewer Omar Sachedina pressed, “So do you think that a connection is possible between climate change and the wildfires we’ve been seeing?” 

“Wildfire season happens every single year,” Smith responded. “It’s going to continue happening every single year, and we have to make sure that we’re managing and mitigating and making sure that we educate the public about the role that they play in causing those fires. And then, also on a separate stream, working on a 2050 emissions reduction target.” 

Sachedina’s questions come as Smith has recently announced the province will reject the Trudeau government’s proposed net-zero regulations planned for 2035.  

“The draft federal 2035 net-zero power grid regulations are unconstitutional, irresponsible and do not align with Alberta’s emissions reduction and energy development plan that works towards a carbon-neutral power grid by 2050,” she wrote in a recent statement.   

Smith stated that the proposed regulations “would endanger the reliability of Alberta’s power grid and cause massive increases in Albertans’ power bills.”

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