Vaccine Provider Incentive Program: From Anthem/Blue Cross/Blue Shield COVID-19 – Robert W. Malone MD 8/14/23


This Substack provides the documentation and links demonstrating what many have believed to be going on with the clear obsession of physicians and hospitals to administer unlicensed medical “vaccine” products which have proven neither safe nor effective.

There were two main programs for “incentives” for this regulated biological product. The first was pretty straight-up; this many bucks extra per jabbed patient as an “incentive”. The government paid insurance companies, who then would reimburse providers. The amount of money for this program is staggering, although the government has not made the individual distribution amounts of insurance companies, pharmacies, etc. public. Most likely, it will take a FOIA request to obtain specific information (if anyone has access to those documents, don’t hesitate to email with copies or links!)

To begin, Kentucky Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield kindly put many of their PDFs from their corporate managers regarding their various financial incentive programs distributed to providers on the web on a page titled, “COVID-19 Information From Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid (Anthem) The images and links below come from those sites. The individual incentive program for providers paid providers (physicians) $50 per patient per COVID-19 vaccine dose (years 2021 and 2022). The program first only paid for adult immunizations, but then as age limits decreased for “vaccination,” the incentive program was expanded to those ages. The corresponding PDF links can be found here and here , and images of the payout information are provided below….

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