Debunking Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Pro-Israel Talking Points – Robert Inlakesh 8/6/23


US Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently sat down with celebrity rabbi Shmuley Boteach at an event in New York to perform a pre-prepared set of pro-Israel talking points. This came after the politician stated that Covid-19 didn’t affect Jewish and Asian people as much as White and Black Americans, drawing complaints of anti-Semitism from aspiring statesman.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s support of Israel, showcased in a recent event in New York, has been broadly interpreted to have been set up in order to run damage control over claims of anti-Semitism against the Democratic Party contender. RFK’s pandering to Israel tipped over into conflations between Jewish people and the Israeli regime, with the Presidential hopeful going on to deny that Palestinians lived under a racist Apartheid regime. Kennedy shared that,

“a major piece of my campaign will be explaining to Americans why that is wrong and making the case for Israel.”

RFK, despite pegging himself as the anti-establishment figure running within the Democratic party, takes an even more extreme pro-Zionist view than the sitting US President, Joe Biden, as he slammed his own party’s acknowledgment that Israel occupy’s Palestinian territory. In terms of his pro-Israel stance, there is little that seems to separate Kennedy and former US President Donald Trump, with RFK demonstrating a much more robust understanding of Israeli history and pro-Israel talking points.

Debunking RFK’s Pro-Israel Talking Points

During the course of the dialogue between Rabbi Shumely Boteach and RFK, the Presidential candidate made a large number of factually incorrect statements and spread provably false accusations about Iran, the Palestinians, the Arab world, and the Israeli government itself. To address each point in extensive detail would be too lengthy, however, the following claims are in need of rebuttal….

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