Pfizer to Cash In on Cardiovascular Treatments as Heart Attack Deaths Skyrocket – Frank Bergman 8/3/23


Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is set to cash in on new cardiovascular treatments as heart failure cases and related deaths skyrocket around the world.

Pfizer is now expanding into medications for heart inflammation by gaining dominant control of the cardiovascular treatments market.

The company has completed its purchase of Arena Pharmaceuticals for $6.7 billion.

Arena Pharma is a market leader in creating drugs to treat immuno-inflammatory diseases which are often caused by vaccine injuries.

Aamir Malik, Pfizer’s chief business innovation officer, celebrated the news in a statement about the acquisition.

“We believe this transaction represents the best next step for both patients and shareholders,” Malik said.

The move is great news for Pfizer’s shareholders as investors will cash in on the vascular clotting cases that have been soaring in the past couple of years.

Conveniently, immuno-inflammatory diseases are side effects of Pfizer’s Covid jabs….

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