Election 2024 – Two Legal Cases And One Winner – Moon Of Alabama 8/3/23

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The opening of the 2024 election season was launched this week with the House Oversight Committee getting testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer over several documents related to Burisma. The following day confirmed this with the opening of another indictment against Donald Trump.

The timeline proves that these were not independent events.

Andrew Clark @AndrewHClark – 21:15 UTC · Aug 2, 2023

This timeline is actually incredible. I mean come on.

3/17 – Hunter admits laptop
3/18 – Trump indictment news

6/8 – FBI doc alleges Biden bribe
6/9 – Trump indicted

7/26 – Hunter plea deal collapses
7/27 – Trump indicted

7/31 – Devon Archer testifies
8/1 – Trump indicted

The election strategy of the Biden administration and the Democratic party seems to be to deprive Donald Trump of the time and means to go stumping across the country. That however is likely to fail.

As the Economist writes:

The multiplying felony counts against him—78 so far, with more probably coming—are consuming his campaign funds, and Democrats hope they will distract him from the campaign trail. This is wishful thinking. In 2024 the Trump trials will be the trail. They will focus attention on him and his message of fearless challenge in the face of persecution.

I have thumbed through the latest indictment, three counts of ‘conspiracy and one of ‘obstruction’, and find it somewhat unconvincing.

While stating that Trump definitely lied a lot, the indictment admits that lying is generally free speech and a First Amendment right. But lying while working together with others for some ‘nefarious’ purpose is, independent of the outcome, a ‘conspiracy’. I doubt that the current Supreme Court, or even a majority of the public, will largely agree with that.

One can be sure that Trump’s defense will make the First Amendment point again and again. The NY Times, under a ludicrous headline, finds the same:

Trump Election Charges Set Up Clash of Lies Versus Free Speech

Already, Mr. Trump’s lawyers and allies are setting out the early stages of a legal strategy to counter the accusations, saying that Mr. Trump’s First Amendment rights are under attack. They say Mr. Trump had every right to express views about election fraud that they say he believed, and still believes, to be true, and that the actions he took or proposed after the election were based on legal advice.

Legal experts were skeptical about the strength of those claims as a defense. They pointed out that the indictment said on its second page that all Americans had the right to say what they wanted about the election — even if it was false. But, the indictment asserts, it is illegal to use those false claims to engage in criminal conduct, the experts said.

Trump’s lawyers will further argue that there was no nefarious intent behind what Trump, and the lawyers advising him, were doing. They just wanted to make sure that the outcome of the election process would install the person as president who they sincerely thought had won the election.

It is probably not the best argument to make but a jury might fall for it.

In my view the case against Joe Biden, which may end up with his impeachment, is a much stronger one.

Devon Archer, the business partner of Hunter Biden, has said in testimony and interviews that Joe Biden was deeply involved in getting foreign companies to hire the Biden/Archer influence peddling team. Biden senior called into conferences that the Biden/Archer team had with customers. He was put on speakerphone to impress the attendee. Joe Biden also attended diners with Biden/Archer and their business partners. Joe Biden was the brand that was used to land big money deals. What was his share in these deals?

That Biden’s Justice Department has done its best to run cover for the Biden clan is only adding to the bad light this all shines on Biden.

As Patrick Lawrence remarks:

The Hunter Biden affair, growing like a grotesque weed as we speak, could now prove to be Biden’s greatest vulnerability—and so the Democratic Party’s. The House Oversight Committee is looking at documents directly implicating the president in bribery schemes that brought the Biden family $17 million during Joe’s time as Obama’s veep. A federal judge in Delaware has thrown back Hunter’s disgraceful plea bargain, rejecting the preposterous provision that the president’s son be immune from all future findings of corruption. “The blanket shield against any other charges based on past misconduct was so inappropriate,” Michael Goodwin wrote in the New York Post over the weekend, “that the only possible explanation is that the aim was to shut down the probe of the family permanently.”

No, they are not insentient. They are desperate.

There are, finally, the Biden Justice Department under Merrick Garland and the FBI under Christopher Wray. The latter, continuing the practice during the Russiagate years, has, open and shut, turned the agency into a politicized instrument at the Democratic Party’s disposal, most recently by withholding for several years documents exposing Joe Biden’s direct involvement in Hunter’s influence-peddling schemes. Anyone who does not recognize the political motives of Garland’s campaign to get Donald Trump jailed and, on the other side, his direction of the Hunter Biden plea deal, is reading too many Gail Collins columns.

Look at this mess. A senile president—the physicians call Biden’s condition “neurocognitive disorder,” but “senile” or “demented” is what they mean—is standing for reelection with a wasteful proxy war failing, nothing much to show for himself at home, mounting evidence of epic-scale personal corruption, institutional failure of the same magnitude: There is only one way to explain this shambles: Every one of these crises traces back to the Democratic Party’s obsession with taking and holding power more or less indefinitely to suit its hubristic, end-of-history “narrative” of righteous liberal triumph.

How will that look to the voters?

On the one side we have a case which shows the deep corruption of ‘the big guy’ and his family who are supported by the deep state they control.

On the other side we have the underdog who thought he was doing the right thing but is now indicted by the deep state for, at that time,  saying so.

The media will shine the light on both cases. Each time they will mention Trump it will, independent of what they write about him, be positive for him by making the case of the lone guy who gets unfairly prosecuted by the deep state.

Each time the Biden case will be mentioned it will remind the public of Biden’s corrupt dealings.

Proceed through that for sixteen month and the outcome is assured.

As much as I dislike Donald Trump, I see no way, aside from criminal manipulation, Joe Biden can take to win this thing….