Rise in Type 1 Diabetes Among Young People Linked to COVID-19 – Marina Zhang 7/24/23

Source: TheEpochTimes.com

There was an unexpected surge in the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes among children and teenagers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study.

The systematic review, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, analyzed 42 studies on diabetes incidence, including 17 studies involving nearly 38,000 people under the age of 19. The review revealed a 14 percent surge in Type 1 diabetes cases in 2020, followed by a 27 percent increase in 2021, compared with before the pandemic.

Furthermore, the research highlighted a rise in Type 2 diabetes incidence and diabetic ketoacidosis, a severe complication of diabetes more common in Type 1 patients, after the start of the pandemic.

What Is the Link Between COVID and Type 1 Diabetes?

The exact connection between COVID-19 and the higher risk of developing diabetes is unclear, according to the authors of the study. However, some doctors disagree.

Type 1 diabetes is well established as an autoimmune disease, characterized by the body’s attacking its own pancreatic beta cells, a primary source of insulin.

Viral infections and vaccinations are both known triggers for autoimmune diseases, and COVID-19 and its vaccine could be no exception, Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care physician, former tenured professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and co-founder of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, told The Epoch Times.

The spike proteins present in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and those produced by the body after vaccination, are very likely to be causing autoimmunity, according to Dr. Marik….

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