A Conversation with Chat GPT re Population Control and the Lies an AI Will Tell to Protect US Government Policy – Robert W. Malone MD – 7/30/23

Source: rwmalonemd.substack.com

Last week I posted Gavin De Becker’s essay on the Kissinger report and National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200, as well as links to those reports. In writing that report, Gavin used Chat GPT to try to find some answers to questions he had about the report and US government policy on population reduction.

Below is the text from the “discussion” that Gavin had with Chat GPT about population control and the Kissinger report. For brevity, I have only included last pages of the discussion, from where Gavin moves away from “fictional non-existent government” to the real USG. Here is the full link that the conversation. If you haven’t had an opportunity to use Chat GPT and wish to get some ideas on how to use it, this is a useful document to read.

I know that reading the pages below is a lot to get through – but if you can, at least speed read through the text. The bottom line is that Chat GPT seem to lie consistently and with ease, in an apparent attempt to cover up US government policy that somehow Chat GPT considers too controversial.

If this example doesn’t scare you straight about the dangers of AI – for even the most basic of everyday uses, I don’t know what will – RWM…

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