Jordan Releases ‘Smoking Gun Docs’ Confirming Facebook Bowed to White House Censorship Demands – John-Michael Dumais 7/27/23


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) today released today a series of unredacted emails from Facebook, that he characterized as proof the White House and other federal agencies exerted pressure on the social media company to censor authors whose posts ran counter to the government’s official pandemic narrative.

The emails were provided by Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta to the House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government as part of its ongoing investigation.

The move forestalled the committee’s deliberations today about whether or not to hold Mark Zuckerberg in contempt for withholding requested documents.

In his lengthy Twitter thread, Jordan called the emails “smoking gun docs,” proving “Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation policies because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House.”…

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