Israel’s Attack On Jenin Failed, So Tel Aviv Uses The Palestinian Authority To Do Its Dirty Work – Robert Inlakesh 7/19/23


This Monday, Palestinians across various cities inside the occupied West Bank took to the streets in protest of the Palestinian Authority’s arrest campaign of resistance fighters wanted by the Israeli military. In the wake of Israel’s failed invasion of Jenin, which fell short of dealing a blow to the newly formed armed groups in the area, they now turn to a Palestinian collaborator force to do their dirty work.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which is based out of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, was created as the product of the Oslo Accords — signed between 1993 to 1995 — between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). The PA was intended to be the precursor to the future government of an independent Palestinian State. However, the Israelis heavily violated the terms of the accords, which were supposed to lead to an Israeli withdrawal from its position as an occupying force in the West Bank and Gaza after a 5 year period. Over time, as the so-called peace talks broke down, the Israeli Prime Minister who signed the accords was assassinated by an Israeli extremist for betraying the Zionist cause and illegal settlement expansion took off like never before — the hope of a “two-State solution” slowly died.

The Palestinian Authority, which once stood tall as a symbol of hope for a decent portion of the Palestinians in the occupied territories, over time began to show its true colors and prove that it had betrayed the original charter of the PLO. When the first PA President died in 2004, any hope of a Palestinian State forming inside the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank died with him. The US government, during what was known as the Second Palestinian Intifada [Uprising], worked with the PA leadership to set up a number of mechanisms to transform the PA into a security force that would serve the interests of a few elitist Palestinians, but chiefly the Israeli occupation. The PA collaborated with the US government to launch an armed coup against the democratically elected government in Gaza, but this failed when it began to come to fruition in 2007….

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