‘Disgraceful’ Coutts ‘De-Banked’ Nigel Farage Because of his Conservative Views, Internal Dossier Reveals – Thomas Brooke 7/19/23

Source: RMX.news

Nigel Farage had his bank accounts shut down with the high-net-worth bank Coutts after officials decided the former conservative politician’s views did not align with the bank’s values, it has emerged.

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader went public last month with the difficulties he was having in opening a U.K. bank account after Coutts, an institution he had been banking with for almost a decade, inexplicably closed his accounts and several other banks refused his applications to open a new one.

Coutts briefed the BBC and the Financial Times following the public accusation by Farage that the decision to close his accounts had been politically motivated, insisting that Mr. Farage had fallen below the financial threshold required to be a customer of the private bank. The move led to criticism of Coutts for revealing personal financial information about one of its former clients and raised ethical questions about the institution’s conduct.

I now have evidence Coutts LIED to me.. 

 In an explosive 40 page memo, “Brexit” is mentioned 86 times, “Russia” 144 & “PEP” 10. 

 Support for Trump + views on immigration, net zero & the vaccine are listed as reasons to exit me.

 They say my account is commercially viable! pic.twitter.com/QjPCuUetu3

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) July 18, 2023

New evidence obtained by Farage now contradicts the initial response provided by the bank.

In a 40-page dossier Mr. Farage acquired via a subject access request, Coutts made it clear that his conservative views were problematic for the bank, citing Brexit no fewer than 86 times, and his support of Donald Trump who is mentioned 39 times.

The minutes of a meeting of Coutts’ wealth reputational risk committee held on Nov. 17 last year stated that Mr. Farage is “seen as xenophobic and racist. He is considered to be a disingenuous grifter. Being associated with Nigel Farage presents a material and ongoing reputational risk to the bank.”

The bank does not state who “sees” Mr. Farage in this fashion, or why this individual or social group holds weight in a decision on whether or not to provide a British citizen with a U.K. bank account. It should be noted that Mr. Farage has won elections in Britain as the leader of a political party, namely the European parliamentary elections with the Brexit Party in 2017, and wields considerable public support.

Executives at the bank agreed that Farage, because of his political views, should be “de-banked.”

Writing for the Telegraph, Farge called the “Stasi-style surveillance report” shocking.

“Monthly press checks were made on me. My social media accounts were monitored. Anything considered ‘problematic’ was recorded. I was being watched,” he wrote….

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