Col. Douglas Macgregor Warns the US ‘May not Make it’ to the 2024 Presidential Election – LifeSite News 7/7/23


In an appearance which presents a startling appraisal of the instability of the United States, retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor spoke of his belief that “we may not make it to 2024.”

Before moving on to his analysis, in which he argues that due to political and economic conditions that the next presidential election may not take place, the brief video opens with a recently released recording of President Donald Trump.

In the segment, originally captured in a CNN interview with the former president, we hear how the U.S. Army under General Mark Milley is alleged to have taken independent military action against Iran – and without the permission of the president.

What is more, Trump refers to papers in his possession which he claims demonstrate that General Milley subsequently went on to name President Trump as the person responsible for the orders.

“See, as president I could have declassified it – but now I can’t. This is still a secret.”

Why does this matter?

Following the leak of this recording, Trump took to Truth Social on June 26 to denounce the leaking of the recording as an attempt to discredit him – and subvert the anticipated presidential election of 2024.

In response to this latest development in what Trump has described as a “witch hunt,” Col. Macgregor argued that Milley was not acting alone in taking military action without authority.

“You have to look at who their ‘donors’ are,” warned Macgregor. According to him, it is unknown whether General Milley shared the goal of war with Iran, but he “wasn’t going to stand in the way” of the neoconservatives led by Pompeo and Bolton.

Macgregor also named retired General Kenneth McKenzie (USMC), who was then commander of U.S. Central Command responsible for sending a U.S. Global Hawk drone on a mission which violated international airspace law.

The $220 million dollar surveillance drone was shot down, Macgregor claims, because it was skirting the limits of international airspace whilst refusing to identify itself. The downing of the drone was billed as an escalatory move in the Western media.

This was a provocative strategy, said Macgregor, by people whose aim was to get the U.S. into a war with Iran. It was a calculated loss from which the donor class hoped to reap enormous profits. Yet there was one man in the way. 

Punished for peace

Drawing parallels with the entry into war in Iraq and Vietnam, Macgregor said there was no thought whatsoever given to the aftermath of starting this war.

“Donald Trump stopped the U.S. going to war with Iran.”

There was no other plan, says MacGregor, than to get the war started and then “somehow, the military will make it work. That happened to us in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya – its happening right now in an attempt to bring us into … confrontation with the Russians over Ukraine”….

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