Cameras Capture Biden’s Reaction to Reporter’s Question About Cocaine in WH, His Look Says It All – Western Journal 7/5/23

President Joe Biden apparently had no way to respond to the discovery of an illicit drug in the White House.

On Sunday, the White House was evacuated after a powdery substance was found on the premises. Officials later confirmed that the substance was cocaine.

Of course, many are wondering how an illegal drug could have gotten onto the White House grounds, and one reporter decided to take that question directly to the president himself.

During a Wednesday news conference, a reporter asked Biden, “Mr. President, do you know how cocaine got into the White House?”

Biden had no answer to the question. Instead, he just gave an awkward smile.

Reporters asked Joe Biden: “How cocaine got into the White House?”

But Joe Biden refused to answer.

— Real Mac Report (@RealMacReport) July 5, 2023

Meanwhile, Twitter is rife with speculation about who could be responsible, with many identifying Hunter Biden, the president’s troubled son and a former crack cocaine addict, as the likely culprit.

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