Anthony Smith Reveals He Got Covid Vaccine To Keep His Job Despite His Mom Dying From Booster Shot – Middle Easy 7/4/23


Anthony Smith says he got the COVID vaccine to keep his job.

Smith says his mom got the vaccine booster and right after, got sick and went into a coma and later died from a heart issue. He was discussing the recent health issue of Bellator’s Cris Lencioni and revealed there are more and more heart incidents with younger athletes following the vaccines.

MMA fighter Anthony Smith says his mom passed immediately after getting her booster & he got blood clots from the Covid vaccine he got to keep his job.

They were discussing a young fighter who had recently had a heart attack during training which lead to brain injuries.

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“She got sick immediately after getting her booster. She was fairly healthy, but she got sick immediately after that. So, she got her booster and was in a coma in like two weeks,” Smith said on Michael Bisping’s podcast. “I’ve always kind of thought, ‘I don’t know, it just doesn’t make any sense.’ That was really weird, right? Then recently Pfizer came out and said people over 60, on their final booster, they had to come out and say that there’s a higher risk of stroke. That’s essentially what ended up happening to my mom. But, so I’ve always connected those two things.”

Anthony Smith Got Blood Clots After Taking Vaccine

Not only did Anthony Smith’s mom have side effects from the vaccine, but he says he did as well.

According to ‘Lionheart,’ he revealed after he got the vaccine, he got a blood clot for the first time, after getting the vaccine which he only did to keep his job with the UFC on the desk.

“I’m vaccinated and I end up with a blood clot. What are the chances of that? I’ve never had any issues at all. I’m really really healthy and then I end up with a blood clot. I did it to keep my job,” Smith said.

Ultimately, Anthony Smith was able to deal with the blood clot and get healthy. He is now set to rematch Ryan Spann at UFC Singapore on August 26 as he is coming off back-to-back losses to Johnny Walker by decision and was TKO’d by Magomed Ankalaev.