Macron Fiddled, While France Burned – Robert W Malone, MD 7/3/23


Main-stream (legacy) media seems to be “off the mark” and “behind the news curve” when it comes to coverage of the riots in France. Alternate media has been a bit better in coverage, but the articles and information are dispersed in such a way that makes it difficult to get a sense of what is actually happening and why.

Today’s Substack is an aggregate of some of what I consider the more usefulanalysis of the French riots – and the underlying social unrest that is tearing that country apart.

One version of what is happening is that the simmering rage is a product of immigrants being placed into “urban policy priority districts” (“cities”)surrounding the main urban areas, combined with the fact that France has become a “service economy.” Hence, there are few decent jobs in what are essentially government-sponsored immigrant ghettos.

Additional details and context- France has taken in a huge number of North African immigrants over decades of open border policies who have been placed into segregated housing areas, called “urban policy priority districts”. These immigrants have little prospects for work due to a lack of manufacturing jobs, have very different traditional values than French culture and unsurprisingly have not been well assimilated into French culture and society. This is in contrast to prior waves of immigrants who have entered France since WWII and now seem to be as “French” as the French. A recent Unherd article (linked below) argues that the “urban policy priority districts” are essentially another form of apartheid – French style. The author then posits that the riots and simmering immigrant rage will give rise to the French people voting for “far-right” politicians during the next set of elections.

The problem with this analysis is that the author equates border control with “far-right”. With weaponization by corporate media and (failing) establishment political parties, the word “far-right” has come to describe any politician who is not a proponent of open borders, globalization, left-wing policies, UN Agenda 2030, corporatism (otherwise known as Fascism as defined by Benito Mussolini) and the WEF. But as the word has become distorted via weaponization, what does “far-right” now even mean in France and the EU?

In the EU, “far-right” seems to be applied to any politician, individual or movement that advocates for strong border control and traditional national or Judeo-Christian values. The term is thrown about so much by main-stream media that it has lost its potency.

A quick search for “far-right” shows that the phrase is routinely used as a slur by those on the left – including organizations like Wiki and Google. The weaponization of language by the left is everywhere.

So in response, if this is how the game is to be played, instead of using the words “liberal” or “progressive” to define the left I suggest that we to begin to use the term “cultural marxists”. Which is actually a very accurate definition. For further clarification on that, I recommend this presentation from James Lindsay to the European Parlement titled “Woke, a Cultural War Against Europe”.

So, although the Unherd article linked below is useful in describing the apartheid of France’s immigrant populations, it is bogged down in typical modern European cultural marxist logic and propaganda which compromises the article’s overall conclusions.

From Unherd:

The riots will doubtless burn out over the next few days. And Macron will most likely survive the crisis, just as he survived the widespread strikes and public anger this spring. The situation in the cités remains explosive, though. And Macron has already exhausted the political capital he gained after his reelection. But unlike in the 19th century, and the case of its barricade-builders, no reforms will be enacted that might alleviate the frustrations and anger of the car-burners.

On Friday, Marion Maréchal, Le Pen’s niece, and the vice-president of Reconquest described the riots as “civil war” and warned Macron’s government against any such measures. She characterised them as a form of “appeasement of the cités”, as if these parts of France were indeed the redoubts of foreign enemies, and the year was 1938.  But as she knows very well, the more that violence consumes the French streets, the closer the far-Right comes to power.

A tweet sent to me by a friend is worth sharing here to further illuminate what is going on in France at the moment. It is by Alex James. The thread also references Yuri Bezmenov’s infamous interview, linked below.

France riots: The end of the West. A thread

By now you would have figured out that what is happening in France will also happen here (Australia). This is unavoidable as the underlying causes of their problems are also present here as well. An unwarranted fanaticism for multiculturalism and tolerance has led to the assimilation rate of migrants becoming basically zero. Meaning that there is no loyalty from the migrants to their new country. This lack of loyalty means that the relationship between the host nation and the migrants can only go downhill. What seemingly set off the race riots has now spiraled into a civil war between the unassimilated migrants who don’t see themselves as French, and the French people. This comes as no surprise to myself and others likeminded, as we all saw through the thin veil of multiculturalism; clearly seeing multiculturalism as synonymous with multinationalism. And an autonomous nation with widespread ethnic and religious multinationalism will not last long before it falls into civil war and balkanization…

It is exactly what Yuri Bezmenov warned the West about when he explained in his Great nations with rich and proud histories which should be preserved and to which these nations should endure for centuries upon centuries longer, as their people are owed. But we are all watching our own car crash in slow motion. To further suck up to these brain-dead notions of multiculturalism, which all our peoples have fallen prey too, is to commit yourselves to the grave. Even finding middle ground on the matter shows that you are no longer made of the stuff your ancestors were made of. It is now either commit to your nation or commit to national divide. It is now commit to your people, or commit to the invaders. The time to pick a side is now. And where are our governments? The French government is nowhere in sight. Macron himself was sighted partying at an Elton john concert whilst Paris and Lyon went up in flames. Our governments are filled either with complete morons or controlled puppets working for an unseen master which is hell-bent on the destruction of western civilization. I see it as the latter. All our western countries share these problems…

And so, there are three parties at work here: The people, The migrants, and the government. All of them are separate and independent of each other. To say that any major western nation today is run by its native population is a lie. They are either run by foreigners, dual citizens, or people who work for unknown foreign parties. No sane government for and by the people would allow for its nation’s destruction. If Macron was even remotely working in his people’s best interests, he would be directing the army to engage the threat. But he barely even sends local police to deal with the problem. And when they do get sent in, it does nothing but stir up the hive. This would be obvious to the French government. But the French government is obviously no longer French……

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