YouTube Removes Roseanne Barr’s Holocaust Joke Video, Punishes Podcast Host Theo Von – Christina Maas 6/30/23


YouTube has pulled down a clip from comedian Theo Von’s podcast, featuring the inimitable Jewish comedian Roseanne Barr, for breaching its hate speech policy. The contentious snippet spotlighted Barr making a convoluted and sarcastic joke about the Holocaust, while also linking Jewish people to global issues. The video-streaming giant slapped a one-week ban on Von’s channel, barring him from uploading any content during this period.

This disciplinary measure unfolded after Barr’s appearance on Theo Von’s podcast on June 14, during which she attempted to make a peculiar point by saying, “And nobody died in the Holocaust, either, that’s the truth. It should happen — six million Jews should die right now, because they cause all the problems in the world. But it never happened.” Despite both Barr’s son and Von insisting that her statement was dripping in sarcasm, YouTube was unswayed….

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