ProPublica and Donors Attack Conservative Supreme Court Justices – Bryan Jung 6/24/23


A nonprofit news outlet, ProPublica, which has been launching attacks on two conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices, is being funded by the same left-wing organization that has been actively pushing for their removal.

ProPublica has written multiple stories about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ alleged ethics violations while receiving donations from the same groups that are actively campaigning for the justice to resign or be removed from the Court, according to tax documents reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation on June 20.

The Sandler Foundation is the left-wing nonprofit accused of pouring millions into multiple groups attacking Thomas’ character, as well as supporting the attacks on his colleague, Justice Samuel Alito, as part of a wider effort to marginalize conservatives on the Supreme Court.

The organization founded ProPublica in 2007 and has given the outlet $40 million since 2010 to keep it afloat.

That same organization has been funding dark-money groups, which have been seeking to oust Thomas from the Court for years to replace him with a leftist….

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