IRS Whistleblowers Release New Bombshell Evidence Against Bidens, DOJ And AG Garland – ZeroHedge 6/23/23


Several bombshells dropped by two IRS whistleblowers on Thursday reveal, among other things, that Joe Biden’s DOJ buried evidence of Hunter Biden’s tax crimes – and stopped US Attorney David Weiss from bringing charges against Hunter in two different jurisdictions last year.

According to Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), Weiss sought to be appointed as a special counsel in the case last year but was denied as well.

What’s more, the IRS sought felony charges against Hunter, send their recommendations to the Biden DOJ, and they ‘came out as two misdemeanors,’ Byron York tweets.

Newly-released transcripts show the IRS wanted felony charges against Hunter Biden. But their recommendations went to the Justice Department and came out as two misdemeanors. From Whistleblowers #1 and #2:

— Byron York (@ByronYork) June 22, 2023

According to the whistleblowers, one of whom is Gary Shipley – who came forward weeks ago to reveal his identity, the IRS was notified of potential evidence “in the guest house of former Vice President Biden,” but were rebuffed by US Attorney Lesley Wolf, who said there was “no way,” as search warrant “would ever get approved.”

House Ways & Means Chair Jason Smith details multiple felony charges whistleblowers say the IRS recommended against Hunter Biden, covering “$2.2 million in unreported tax on global income…from Ukraine, Romania, and China.”

Instead, Biden’s DOJ gave Hunter a sweetheart deal.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 22, 2023

Whistleblowers describe how the Biden Justice Department intervened and overstepped in a campaign to protect the son of Joe Biden by delaying, divulging, and denying an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes,” said Smith in a statement. “The testimony shows tactics used by the Justice Department to delay the investigation long enough to reach the statute of limitations, evidence they divulged sensitive actions by the investigative team to Biden’s attorneys, and denied requests by the U.S. Attorney to bring charges against Biden.”…

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