Manufacturers Add Toxic Chemicals to Clothing to Make it Smell Better, and Boost Corporate Profits – Dr. Joseph Mercola 6/20/23


Story at a glance:

  • In his first documentary film production, Jon Whelan presents overwhelming evidence showing dangerous chemicals are added to clothing and other products by design, to reduce cost and increase profits.
  • The scent wafting from your clothing is the result of fragrances added to reduce the obnoxious scent of synthetic clothing; since fragrance is not regulated, manufacturers are free to add any toxic chemicals to achieve their goals.
  • Although Europe practices precautionary principles, the U.S. assumes chemicals are safe until proven otherwise. Unfortunately, it may take many years before science can prove a toxin triggers negative health effects, unnecessarily exposing you to danger.
  • Laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets also add fragrance to your clothing, much of which may be vented to your neighborhood through your dryer, contributing to declining air quality.

In his first documentary film production, Jon Whelan, a single dad after his wife died from breast cancer, presents overwhelming evidence that dangerous chemicals are added to products by design.

As he discusses in this interview about his documentary “Stink!,” available on Netflix and YouTube, fragrances and scents are a dangerous, yet purposeful addition to products you use daily.

Your sense of smell is one of the most primal of your five senses. It is a key to survival, is often the first warning of safety or danger and is linked to memory.

In fact, a powerful attraction to fragrances is manipulated by advertisers and marketers in order to sell clothing, personal care products and laundry products.

You can recognize up to 10,000 different smells and, according to Stuart Firestein, Ph.D., of Columbia University, this system is very closely connected to the limbic system, said to contain your most basic drives.

A study in 2015 published in Chemosensory Perception investigated how odor-evoked memories influence consumers’ perception of a product. Researchers found fragrances evoking stronger personal emotional memories were preferred by the study participants.

It is not surprising scent is powerfully connected to emotion and memory and drives buying decisions.

Unfortunately, companies add toxic fragrances to mask the odor of noxious chemicals and as scent branding to acquire new customers and keep customers….

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