Pentagon Did Not Properly Track Weapons Sent to Ukraine: Inspector General – Kyle Anzalone 6/13/23


A report from the Defense Department inspector general found that US government employees in Poland failed to follow procedures to account for military equipment being transferred to Ukraine. In three of five arms shipments monitored by the office, Pentagon staffers did not properly track the weapons.

“DoD personnel did not have the required accountability of the thousands of defense items that they received and transferred at Jasionka, [Poland],” the IG report said. “We observed that DoD personnel did not fully implement their standard operating procedures to account for defense items and could not confirm the quantities of defense items received against the quantity of items shipped for three of five shipments we observed.”

The Pentagon does not “have reasonable assurance that their database of all defense items transferred to the [Ukraine] via air transport in Jasionka was accurate or complete,” the report added. “The DoD may risk providing more or less equipment than authorized by [President Joe Biden], and may not be able to verify the quantity of all defense items before they are transferred to [Ukraine].”

The IG office went on to explain that some weapons are shipped without clear documentation, noting “One shipment containing thousands of small arms, night vision optics devices, and various types of cold weather gear did not include an air manifest.” The report continued, “DoD personnel opened crates to identify the types of defense items contained within the crates, but even then the personnel could not verify whether the number of items they identified represented the true number shipped.”…

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