The Link Between Childhood Vaccines and Autism Part Two: Excipients and the MMR Vaccine – Scott Armstrong 5/31/23


As we discussed in Part One, the world has seen an exponential increase in cases of diagnosed autism over the last 80 years. One of the explanations in mainstream circles is the notion that the criteria of what constitutes a case of autism has broadened, hence more cases will be positively diagnosed. This 2014 paper entitled “Increasing Prevalence, Changes in Diagnostic Criteria, and Nutritional Risk Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorders” sums up that argument:

The frequency of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) diagnoses has been increasing for decades, but researchers cannot agree on whether the trend is a result of increased awareness, improved detection, expanding definition, or an actual increase in incidence or a combination of these factors.

While decreased nutrition and increased awareness around the topic is a reasonable explanation, the prevalence of autism between 1975 and today has increased 9,900% (1 in 5000 in 1975 to 1 in 36 today). This number is shocking. What else could be going on? One thing that never gets brought up in mainstream discussions is the possible link between autism and childhood vaccines.

It’s almost like what we are seeing today with the COVID injections. They will look at every single other possible reason to explain the mass death and permanent disability other than the shots themselves. Whether it’s “climate change”, shoveling snow, monkeypox or “COVID” itself, no one wants to look into what a lot of us view as the most logical culprit.

The same goes for childhood vaccines and autism.

Those who actually do attempt to investigate whether there is any credibility to the claim that vaccines may cause autism are viscously attacked, ostracized, and in certain cases, their medical licenses are revoked. People are publicly smeared, harassed and cast out of the medical community as quacks , heretics or “dangerous conspiracy theorists.”

One of the most important stops on the road to fully understanding the childhood vaccine debate is the CDC’s own list of vaccine excipients. On its face, this looks like some crackpot conspiracy. There’s no way that any reputable source would actually admit that childhood vaccines actually contain such things as aluminum, the cells from aborted babies or formaldehyde.

Well, let me introduce you to Appendix B for the Pink Book-Vaccine Excipient Summary directly on the CDC website.

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