Minnesota Insanity is the Model of the ‘America’ Coming to Your State Soon – Gary D. Barnett 6/5/23

Source: garydbarnett.com

“Communism is what happens when Socialists realize that they want complete control over every aspect of human life.”

A.E. Samaan

Communism is not far away. It is as close as Minnesota, a state consumed by socialists, control freaks, and neo-Marxism; all in a post-modern communistic political state. Given the ridiculous and pathetic sensibilities of this current American population, I must clarify that my statements are general in nature, and not meant to ‘offend’ those self-conscious, weak, and easily insulted ‘conservatives’ and libertarian types, who live in Minnesota. This disclaimer should not be necessary given any amount of individual intelligence or confidence, but all in Minnesota should by now be aware of the state of affairs in this communal hellhole of socialism.

In case residents in other extreme leftist states, such as California, Oregon, New York, Washington, and many others, in this now culturally deadened country feel ignored, fear not, as most of you already fully understand the thinking and ‘voting’ practices of your neighbors, so do not be disheartened for not being singled out. This is in no way whatsoever, any endorsement of any State politics of the right or Libertarian’ bent, as all politics in my view are asinine, and of no use where freedom is concerned.

I am basing this particular conversation on the very recent 2023 Minnesota legislative session conclusion, and the list of results completed during this deranged effort in stupidity that brought about the list of changes below.

  • Established a “fundamental right” to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy;
  • Declared Minnesota a “refuge” for children seeking sex changes;
  • Passed the “Take Pride Act,” which will prohibit nonprofits that serve minors from discriminating based on “gender identity” in hiring practices;
  • Passed protections for women who travel to Minnesota for abortions;
  • Repealed protections for babies who survive abortions;
  • Stripped pregnancy resource centers of state funding;
  • Gutted reporting requirements for abortion facilities;
  • Expanded medical assistance to include abortion (taxpayer-funded abortion);
  • Repealed an informed consent law for abortion;
  • Legalized recreational marijuana use;
  • Increased government spending by 40 percent;
  • Raised the gas tax by indexing it to inflation;
  • Created a new delivery fee on all retail orders over $100;
  • Increased sales taxes and fees for vehicle purchases and registration;
  • Passed a metro-wide sales tax increase;
  • Enacted automatic voter registration;
  • Passed pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds;
  • Joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact;
  • Funded a study on ranked-choice voting;
  • Passed a bill to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants;
  • Passed a bill to provide health care to illegal immigrants;
  • Restored the right to vote to violent felons who are on probation;
  • Created a commission to design a new state flag;
  • Replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day;
  • Declared Juneteenth a state holiday;
  • Raised the threshold for a political party to attain or maintain “major party” status from 5 percent to 8 percent beginning in the 2024 general election;
  • Passed a bill to require Minnesota’s electricity grid to be 100% carbon-free by 2040;
  • Banned so-called “conversion therapy;”
  • Passed two gun control bills, including a red-flag law and universal background checks;
  • Provided free college at state institutions to students in families with income under $80,000;
  • Passed a bill to provide free lunch and breakfast to all Minnesota students regardless of family income;
  • Increased spending on K-12 education by 10.2 percent;
  • Banned Native American mascots;
  • Raised fees for fishing, boating, and visiting state parks;
  • Created a hate speech database;
  • Banned no-knock warrants;
  • Created a program that will allow inmates who complete certain programming to serve just half of their prison sentences;
  • Created a state-run paid leave program that will raise taxes on employers and employees;
  • Established a new legal avenue for prosecutors to seek lower sentences;
  • Funded a new Office of Restorative Practices that will propose alternatives to incarceration for juveniles who commit serious crimes;
  • Commissioned a study on abolishing cash bail;
  • Created a new public database that will assign climate scores to large businesses;
  • Capped rebate checks at $260 per filer, with income limits, and down from the $1,000 initially proposed by Gov. Tim Walz.

Abortion, transgender, homosexual, ‘hate’ speech, and ‘racist’ legislation included ten of the listed items. Increased spending, taxation, and socialistic welfare for any number of groups was evident in 14 (or more) of the passed legislative bills. Fake and devastating ‘climate change’ (‘green’) legislation was passed in another 2 major legislative decisions. Another 5 had to do with voting lunacy, including a ‘right’ to vote for violent felons. One very dangerous gun-control bill (only to harm and disarm non-violent citizens) that is meant to eventually strip all protection of the people against criminals and the State was passed, which I am aware is a repetition. The rest are made up of bills to allow more violent criminal behavior, reward certain groups for extreme criminal activity, and outright absurd and insane politically correct nonsense.

A few of the atrocities include: abortion for all nine months of pregnancy, including any survivors of attempted abortions. Should they survive the first attempt of their murder and still be living, they can be purposely killed after birth. Taxpayer funding for this, and all abortions, is of course available. In addition, Minnesota has declared that it is a “refuge” for all little children’s sex changes.

State government spending increases in this time of hyper-inflation, was raised by a ludicrous amount of 40%. Also, increased taxation for gas and fuel, delivery fees for all retail orders of all goods over $100, vehicle sales tax increases, metro-wide tax increases, ‘free college provided for all families with incomes under $80,000, ‘free’ breakfast and lunch to all regardless of income, and increased tax to use of so-called ‘public’ (State-owned) parks, including more fees for all fishing, boating, and outdoor activities. We should not exclude the new tax for a “state-run paid leave program, that will affect very adversely, all employees and employers. Of course, driver’s licenses, as well as ‘free’ health care, will be issued to all ‘illegal’ immigrants as well, and at taxpayer expense of course.

There was one bill of value out of the entire session, which included ‘legalized’ marijuana use, and there was a ban on “no-knock” warrants issued and served by the murderous police, but there is not much difference in one knock and bashing down the door, and just bashing it down without any knock at 3AM in the morning.

This is the America most all of you have allowed to be created and exist, and the policies that will be not only in Minnesota, but in every state and community in the near future, should the people continue to voluntarily accept the State as a ‘god’ and authority.

No matter who is ‘elected,’ (selected) no matter which party is supposedly in power, no matter what promises are made by ANY candidate, no matter what heinous ‘constitution’ exists, so long as government and the State survive, freedom and justice will never be achieved.

“The sadist desires to command and control. The masochist desires to be freed from the burdens of liberty. That is Socialism.”

~ A.E. Samaan, From a “Race of Masters” to a “Master Race”: 1948 to 1848