“Pre Crime”-Style AI That Monitors Kids Hits Dallas Schools – Ben Squires 5/30/23

Source: ReclaimTheNet.org

The Dallas Independent School District is rolling out AI-equipped cameras to spy on students, violating privacy under the pretense of keeping them safe.

The school district partnered with a company called Davista to use AI to monitor each student and notify the administration if a student deviates from their “baseline” behavior.

The press release announcing the technology stated: “This initiative will utilize Davista’s Heimdall platform, a breakthrough technology that empowers organizations to identify risk and take action before the projected risk becomes a consequential event or incident.

“Davista’s student safety and support platform enables comprehensive analysis and review of student data through software, minimizing inherent human biases and disparities by objectively assessing data points and reducing assumptions and cognitive fatigue. Leveraging existing data within the school, the technology pays attention to students’ participation, performance, and behavioral patterns. This process establishes a baseline for each student, derived from their past information, allowing real-time analysis of any deviations from their personal baseline.”