Excess Deaths Are Exploding, Experts Remain Stumped – Dr. Joseph Mercola 5/26/23

Source: LewRockwell.com

According to a May 11, 2023, report by the British Express,1 Britons are dying by the tens of thousands, “but no one knows why.” Between May and December 2022 alone, there were 32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales, according to data2 released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and that doesn’t include COVID-related deaths. As reported by the Express:3

“Excess deaths are defined as the number of people who died above the five-year average — worked out excluding 2020 due to how COVID spiked death figures that year … The shock revelation has raised alarm bells amid health professionals …

Professor David Coleman, Emeritus Professor of Demography at Oxford University, told the Mirror that no one knew for certain what had caused so many deaths throughout last year.

He pointed out that, post COVID, the UK’s population had been changed through the deaths of a significant proportion of the elderly due to the virus. He explained: ‘Once those poor people have been packed off, the remaining population should be healthier, there should be a period afterwards where deaths are lower than usual but that hasn’t happened.’”

No. 1 Cause of Excess Deaths: ‘Ill-Defined Conditions’

According to the Express, two of the primary causes of excess deaths were ischemic heart diseases and dementia. This, the article suggests, might be an indication that obesity and an increasingly older population are to blame for the excess mortality.

However, if the population was altered due to a significant portion of the elderly dying from COVID in 2020, leaving a younger and supposedly healthier population, as stated by professor Coleman, those puzzle pieces don’t exactly fit together.

What’s more, the Express failed to specify that dementia and Alzheimer’s were only the leading causes of death during the month of December 2022. For 2022, the No. 1 cause of excess deaths was signs and symptoms of “ill-defined conditions.”4

In England, this nebulous cause of death was 36.9% above the five-year average, and in Wales, it was 30.4% above average.5 Now, what does that remind you of? “Sudden adult death syndrome” perhaps — a historically rare cause of death that suddenly skyrocketed after the COVID jabs came on the scene.

As illustrated in the video above, during 2021 and into 2022, mainstream media kept drilling the false and incredibly offensive narrative that the unvaccinated were the enemy, that every COVID death meant they had blood on their hands and ought to be punished accordingly.

And now, as countries where most people have been jabbed experience skyrocketing excess death rates unrelated to COVID, they feign mind-numbing ignorance.

An experimental gene transfer injection was introduced as a vaccine and death rates continue to climb even as COVID is vanishing. What a mystery! Everyone is stumped. The scientific consensus is at a standstill. No one knows why people are dying.

Possibly, not enough people got the jab. That’s what the BBC insinuated in early 2023.6 No one wants to admit that medical experimentation on the public was a terrible idea. No one wants to consider the possibility that too many took the toxic jab, and that’s why excess mortality is so far above norm.

As cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has repeatedly stated, we had a clear safety signal all the way back in February 2021, and it’s only gotten more pronounced over time. Despite that, not a single safety review has been conducted, and our health authorities refuse to address the astronomical death toll….

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