MSM Predictably Downplays Investigation into Biden Family Finances – Daisy Luther 5/11/23


The mainstream media coverage of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into potential criminal dealings of President Biden’s family is – I hope you’re sitting down – ridiculously biased.

It should come as no surprise, since this is the same mainstream media that willfully interfered with the 2020 election by suppressing the story about Hunter’s laptop, scoffing at it as “disinformation.” Of course, we know now beyond a doubt that the laptop story, along with many others over the past few years, were not just crazy conspiracy theories but were, in fact, true.

I won’t go too deeply into the weeds on the investigation, as it’s still ongoing, and I’d like to see all the facts before we present them. This article is about the media. It’s about how they paint a picture for the general public to try and create their own version of “the truth.” It’s about the official narrative, the one that will go down in history unless other people tell a different version – the one that is based on the facts we’re learning as opposed to wishful thinking and manipulation….

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