DHS Producing Videos Teaching Citizens How To Identify “Radicalized” Conservatives – ZeroHedge 5/11/23

Source: ZeroHedge.com

America First Legal (AFL) has obtained documents through FOIA request from the Department of Homeland Security which outline a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style video series that DHS intended to release to the public.  The videos were meant to depict different scenarios in which citizens might encounter potentially “radicalized” individuals.  Citizens are then asked to choose what they think should be done about the encounter.

Most of the scripted scenarios showcase people with conservative beliefs and values as the radicalized threat.  For example, the DHS targeted “suburban Moms” with pro-life beliefs:

The series also targeted “old high school friends” who believe in “conspiracies” as examples of radicalized citizens in need of bystander intervention.

The video scripts, written under the DHS’s Office of Terrorism and Violence Prevention, was part of an internalized memo circulated on January 29th, 2021, only eight days after Joe Biden entered the White House.  The program seems to have been developed in tandem with the “Disinformation Governance Board” which was eventually scrapped due to public opposition.  It reveals an ongoing and disturbing trend within the Federal Government to implement authoritarian measures across the country, first using covid as an excuse, then using the January 6th protests as a rationale….

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