Taiwan Now Has ‘Real Time’ Intelligence Sharing Link With Five Eyes – Antiwar 4/26/23

Source: Antiwar.com

A Taiwanese national security official said Wednesday that the island now has a “real time” intelligence-sharing link with the Five Eyes, the Western intelligence alliance that includes the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Britain.

Tsai Ming-yen, the director-general of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, made the comments during a legislative hearing. Tsai confirmed that Taiwan had been upgrading its computer systems to be able to share information with the Five Eyes nations.

“We can connect with the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance through a confidential system,” Tsai said, according to Reuters.

The comments are the latest example of Taiwan’s growing relationship with the US and its allies. The cooperation angers Beijing, which has responded to the increased US support for Taiwan by putting more military pressure on the island….

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