Pregnant Women Having Heart Attacks, Strokes and Dying, a Dark Side of Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination no one is Talking About; 15 Cases Including 10 VAERS (13 Deaths) – Dr. William Makis MD 4/4/23


25 year old Jada Arianna Turner died in her sleep on March 20, 2023. She was 8 months pregnant and her unborn baby Jayce Michael died also. (click here)

She worked for Mercy Health at Good Samaritan Hospital, and as a healthcare worker in Cincinnati, Ohio, she faced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate to be able to continue working (click here)

Zoe Green, age 26, was seven months pregnant with her unborn baby when she died on Feb.7, 2023 following a cardiac arrest. (click here)

On morning of February 7th, she rang her mum, at five or six in the morning, saying she didn’t feel very well.” “Her mum lives five minutes away but by the time she walked down Zoe was dead on the floor in the bathroom. She was stuck between the bath and the door and they couldn’t get in. She leaves behind three children and then obviously she was seven months pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby had no oxygen so he then died.” (click here)

“23 year old Fabianne Vitoria Ramos dos Anjos presented to emergency on March 13, 2023 in cardiorespiratory arrest and the professionals tried to resuscitate for more than 50 minutes, but without success….she was 3 months pregnant” (click here)

“At dawn today, she called her husband complaining of breathing difficulties and passed out. He drove her to the PA, but when she arrived at the health unit, the patient was already in cardiorespiratory arrest”…

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