Airline Safety Is ‘Not a Partisan Issue,’ FAA Must Investigate Spike in Pilot Health Emergencies – Children’s Health Defense 3/29/23


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. today called on U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to investigate the spike in near-misses and narrowly averted airline accidents — since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 — resulting from pilots incapacitated by health emergencies.

In a letter to Buttigieg, Kennedy wrote:

“Secretary Buttigieg, the safety of pilots, cabin crew, airline passengers, and the general public is not and never has been a partisan issue. Everything contained within this letter pertains to fundamental issues of public health and safety, which you, the DOT [U.S. Department of Transportation], the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration], and the Biden Administration profess to uphold and to protect.

“The recent changes to FAA guidelines and the lack of publicly available evidence on which these changes rest, along with the increasing number of incidents involving the incapacitation or vaccine-related injury of pilots, are highly concerning.”…

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