GPT-4’s Exciting, and Ominous, Achievements – Peter Grad 3/16/23


Six decades ago, an episode of the legendary TV series “The Twilight Zone” warned us about the risks of ticking off machines. Frustrated by a wave of modern appliances, a grumpy magazine writer in the episode “A Thing About Machines” takes out his frustrations on them and breaks them.

Until they fight back.

A typewriter prints out a threatening message to him, a girl on the TV repeats the warning, and the poor misanthrope is eventually victimized by his own car, a phone and even an ornery electric razor.

We’ve witnessed the unprecedented explosive growth of the super-intelligent ChatGPT in recent months. One million users signed on to the within days of its introduction—compare that to the time it took Netflix (five years), Facebook (10 months) and Instagram (2.5 months) to reach that milestone.

ChatGPT is in its infancy and its impact has been enormous. We’re not quite ready to surrender to AI. But with increasing potency and skyrocketing adoption by users globally, AI is indeed gaining on us.

In a report released Tuesday, OpenAI said the newest version of its chatbot—GPT-4—is more accurate and has vastly improved problem-solving capacity. It exhibits “human-level performance” on a majority of professional and academic exams, according to OpenAI. On a simulated bar exam, GPT-4 scored among the top 10 percent of .

But the report also noted the program’s potential for “risky emergent behaviors.”…

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